Glacier Lilies and Pow Wow

Last week I showed you the start of my Glacier Lilies painting. I worked most of the day on it and I’m still not finished.

I finished cutting out the flower resists. These are on freezer paper so then I ironed them down to the canvas. They didn’t stay completely stuck down but it was enough to hold them in place while I painted over them.

I then used a variety of green paint and sponged over the top of the resists. The photo on the right shows the piece after I pulled off the freezer paper resist.

I then used tracing paper over the canvas and drew in the leaves. The photo on the right shows the freezer paper stencil that I cut to paint the leaves. I used a darker green paint for the leaves and sponged it through the stencil. Then I painted the stems that were still red/purple with a brush.

This is how far I have gotten. Now I want to add some outlines around the flowers. leaves and stems. I want it to look “sketchy” so I’m trying to decide what to use to achieve that effect. I was originally thinking I would use a black marker but maybe I’ll try charcoal or some type of pencil. Any suggestions?

I also promised some Pow Wow photos. I was a little disappointed because there weren’t that many dancers participating. But here are a few of the photos.

11 thoughts on “Glacier Lilies and Pow Wow

  1. Very interesting to see this developing. These glacier flowers appear quite delicate. How big is this piece?
    Ideas….is the applied paint flat? If not, charcoal might not sit well and the colour might be lost/rub off. Could you try using a fine brush and a wetter paint to sketch your details. This would allow you to choose the most suitable colour. In this direction I’ve seen (but not used) the brush pens, they have a reservoir of paint in them, and you use them like a pen.

    • Thanks Antje! The piece is 16″ x 20″ so fairly large for me. The applied paint is fairly flat and I just kind of wanted the look of charcoal. I used to have a bunch of paint pens but I gave them away because I had never used them. Foolish, I know 🙂 But I have decided to use a black marker pen. It’s partially done. I will show it after the outlining is complete. Thanks for the ideas!

    • Thanks Kim, it does take a while as you have to let the layers dry in between and cut the paper etc. It was a fairly thin tipped marker so that’s how it looks sketchy. And then you just draw badly 😉

  2. Sorry I missed,this, I was still in the hospital. Thanks for including the pow wow pics. It brought some nice memories. Since I’ve now seen the finished piece which is gorgeous I won’t comment on the lilies. You certainly did a great job finishing it.

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