Columbia River Redband Trout

My friend Deb and I did some more paint pouring last weekend. I made a bunch of acrylic skins but then, what to do with them? I had one that I thought looked like a fish. So I looked up fish native to Montana and chose one to create out of acrylic skins.

Here’s a very poor photo of a sketch I made to get the shape and where the colors belonged.

Here are the two skins that I used to create the fish. I definitely see a fish in the one on the left. That’s where the idea came from. I wish I had made a few more fish colors now.

Here he is on white. I really like how he turned out. Now to decide on a background.


These are some painted papers that I already have. Which one do you like? I haven’t decided yet. I might try to pour a painted background for him. If so, I’ll need to get the right size canvas or board to pour on. If I use the paper, I think I might use a layer of pouring medium or glazing liquid on the paper to make it a little shinier. Not sure I like the contrast of the matte paper against the really shiny fish. Now what to do with 20 other acrylic skins in odd color shades?

10 thoughts on “Columbia River Redband Trout

  1. I like the last one best – the fish stands out from the background and really appears to be swimming. It’s a fabulous fish – the technique has enabled you achieve an effect that would be difficult by ‘regular’ painting. I love it.

    • Thanks, I think the next one up might be a pheasant. We’ll see. So many people do poured paint now that I want to try something different besides just using them as they are.

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