Paint Pouring

My friend Deb and I tried some paint pouring last weekend. If you look on YouTube, there are a bunch of paintings about paint pouring. Basically, you mix paint with a pouring medium and silicone. Then you pour different colors together and spread them on a canvas. We were trying to achieve the same effect on paper.

This is one of the better efforts on paper. It really didn’t work very well at all. We tried different “recipes” and still with limited success. So we thought we would try it on a canvas (the way it is supposed to be done).

And this is what we got! It’s amazing. The “cells” were bigger when it was first poured but they tend to shrink down. And there were many colors in this pour so it’s surprising how blue green it feels overall.

Here’s a close up. It is a really fun process although it seems to waste a ton of paint. We are going to try some different pouring mediums this weekend which are less expensive and instead of pouring on to paper, we are going to create acrylic skins. Basically, that is a sheet of dry acrylic paint. So we’ll be pouring on plastic, letting it dry and then peeling it off. Hopefully, our results will overall be better this time.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a good weekend.


12 thoughts on “Paint Pouring

  1. It looks good 🙂 I’ve always liked marbling on paper, but even now the kits are expensive. I’ve sat for hours ‘manually’ marbling and used to make painting pouring ‘gloss paint’ years ago (probably explains the memory/brain problems these days!) so I might have to look up some videos to give this a try.

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