Jellyfish and a Leaf

This is another sample that I started in class and then added more layers of paint when I got home.

This is done with one of the thicker mediums so you can mound it up and give really big texture. I decided after I took the photo that I need to add another coat of a gloss medium on top to make it look more like water.

And I wanted to show you this gorgeous leaf that I found while I was in Washington state at my class. It is a huge leaf, bigger than my head. And the colors and details are just gorgeous, aren’t they? I am definitely going to do a color study of this leaf. Have you found anything spectacular lately in nature? It seems I can always find something that catches my eye!


6 thoughts on “Jellyfish and a Leaf

  1. The leaf is amazing! As is your jellyfish – the colours are gorgeous.
    There are two kinds of people – some just walk along to get where they’re going and some pause often in their journey to admire fascinating details.

  2. I love the leaf! I take loads of photos of leaves and often pick them up with the intention of doing something creative, but never do, then find them months later, brown and crumbly 😦 Is the jellyfish on one of the backgrounds you made?

    • Thanks Zed! You sound like me. Lately I have been trying to do a quick sketch of the leaf and get the colors down in colored pencil.

      The jellyfish is on a background that I made in class. I painted it yesterday.

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