12 thoughts on “Sketchbook

  1. Difficult question. I do like the silver birch sketch just as it is – however, I have seen the trees against a bright, wintery, pale blue sky and they looked good.
    This comment wasn’t much help at all was it?

  2. Tough call. If it’s a winter scene which it me it seems to be, I’d just use a little blue gray which should make the birches pop.

  3. I think it needs a background colour to help distinguish the tree trunks form the background. Alternatively, you could a colour wash to the trunks but I think colouring the background would look best…

  4. I like it how it is, but can imagine a foggy or snowy background too. I was going to suggest scanning it into Photoshop to try, but occasional artists idea is better. In fact, I think that would even be a great idea for greetings cards, paint your own card kind of thing πŸ™‚

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