Mono Printing on Gelatin Plate Party

My local surface design group met today and we used our gelatin plates that we had made plus we used Gelli plates that you can buy commercially. The Gelli plates are much stiffer than the kind you can make on your own.

monoprints 10 web

We all brought tons of stuff to play with and a variety of kinds of paint.

You can see here the paint applied to the plate, using the brayer to roll it out and before printing. Sadly, I didn’t get what the print looked like.

Here are a variety of prints. I don’t remember which belong to which person but they were all unique.

monoprints 5 web

It was great fun and even though I still don’t like all my prints, at least a few of them are looking a little better.  I will scan in a few of my favorite ones and show you soon.

12 thoughts on “Mono Printing on Gelatin Plate Party

  1. Is it like mono printing where you only get one, at most 2 prints from each paint application? Lovely prints, I especially like the green and blue one, it reminds me of bamboo.

    • Thanks Kim, it was fun. Yes, you can print on fabric. But for me, I get a lot of ugly prints. I probably printed 40-50 prints and I liked 7 of them. But it works fine on fabric.

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