Preparing for a Day of Silk Screening

My local group is going to be doing a day of silk screening at my house soon. So my friend Barb and I made some print paste and made some screens for deconstructing. The photos aren’t the best but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

These are the three screens. The one on the left was done with pine needles for texture. The middle one was stamped with three different foam flower stamps. And the last one was done with a syringe and drawing on the screen. I just realized when I looked at the photo that I forgot to add vertical squiggles on one of the lines. Oh well. I guess that’s a design feature.

This is the paper that I put beneath the pine needle screen to take up any excess dye. Once we pulled the screen off the paper, we turned the pine needles over and printed with them on to the paper. I really like how these turned out. Now to let everything dry. Some of the print paste is pretty thick on the screens so it will take a while to dry. But the meeting isn’t until the 11th so I have plenty of time.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for a Day of Silk Screening

  1. Oooh exciting!! I don’t know if I can wait 2 weeks!! This is quite a long way in advance to be making deconstructed screens, I noticed that I get very different results from screens that I make a few days in advance vs the ones made the same day. The ones that have had a few days to dry take longer to break down and the first few prints look much more like traditional resist prints, with just the colour that has been squeegeed over coming through. Can’t wait to see your results…

    • I’m going to be busy with company for the rest of this week and won’t have time to do these later. Thus they get to cure for a while, And I agree, the longer you let a screen dry, the longer it takes to breakdown. I really like the ones that have been cured longer. Hopefully, I will remember to take photos when everyone is here 🙂

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