Layering Tissue Paper and Fabric

Today my surface design group met and we played with layering tissue paper, cheese cloth, sheer fabric and a fabric base. Then we added metallic foil and even some Pearl Ex Powders. I completely forgot to take any photos while we were there.

layered tissue piece web

Here’s a photo of what I put together. I had to add more blue paint when I got home because one of the tissue papers that I used which was blue, turned red when it got wet.

layered tissue close up web

Here’s a close up. This was an interesting process as the layering keeps changing how it looks. I have to decide if I want to fuse this to fabric and then do some machine stitching or just leave it as is. I might cut it up into smaller pieces and make greeting cards. I haven’t decided yet.

Paula's Piece

This one was done by my friend Paula. We brought it home and used paper croppers to see how it would look framed. The photo doesn’t really do it justice though.

9 thoughts on “Layering Tissue Paper and Fabric

  1. So you took the plunge into bling city and bought some textile foil? There’s no turning back now! 🙂 How did you use the pearl ex powders and what did you think of them?

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but I just borrowed someone else’s foil. We’ll see if I end up buying some or not 🙂

      The pearl ex powders were supposed to be sprinkled on to the fusible web and then ironed. I tried to heat mine with a heat gun but that didn’t work. Others put the fusible web and the powder in a baggie, rubbed it all around and then put the powder covered fusible web down as a layer. Then iron it until it melts. It leaves a shimmery layer on top. For me, it seemed like too much work for the effect it gives. And as I told Lyn, the whole thing feels like plastic when you get done.

      I have made paper fabric before but used glue instead of fusible web and I think I liked that process better. But you never know until you try, right?

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