Feeling Batty

This summer I will be teaching at Olds Fibre Week in Canada. So I have been working on supplies for the classes. Each morning, I make a batt on the drum carder.

drum carder

This first set I am working on is for Felting Cosmic Phone Cases. So the colors are ones that you might think of as night sky.

wool batt

The colors are blues, purples, and mixes of black, grey and cool colors. Then there are contrasting embellishments for planets, stars and constellations.

bin of batts

This is the bin of all the ones I have made so far. I am up to about 18-20.


Here’s an example of the phone case that I’ll be teaching. So if you’re interested in taking any classes, you can start signing up on the Olds website on March 8. I will also be teaching how to felt a cup sleeve/cozie, nuno felting a scarf, felting a cat cave and felting slippers.


10 thoughts on “Feeling Batty

  1. Congrats on the Canada class. You’re off to a good start getting organized. The case is beautiful. I’m sure they will have a good time.

    • Yes, my calendar already seems full. Not sure on the numbers yet but I set the maximum number of students when I submitted my proposal. I love to teach but I haven’t ever taught at something like this.

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