Soy Wax on Paper

When my local group did soy wax a couple of weeks ago, I did quite a few prints of soy wax on paper. These are just a few of them.


This one was a basic leaf shape.

Purple and Green Circles

And this was a variety of circles. I used Dye-na-Flow paints to color the page after the soy wax was applied.

Rows of Circles

After the paint has dried, I ironed the paper between scrap newspaper to remove the wax. Then I like to add colored pencil as I have done with the design above. I’m not sure if this one is finished or not but it might be. Probably needs a bit darker values in there somewhere though. Hope you have a good weekend.

10 thoughts on “Soy Wax on Paper

  1. I remember trying to do something like that when I was at school – we used a candle to draw with.
    If I’d achieved anything like your circles I’d have been thrilled! The dye-na-flow paint effect is pretty.

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