Finished Crazy Quilt Pillow

I finished the crazy quilt pillow. I added more stitching covering more of the center portion of the pieced sections. I even added a spider.

Finished Crazy Quilt Pillow

I found some coordinating fabric for the back and made an envelope style back so a pillow can be slipped easily in and out.

Crazy Quilt Pillow Close Up

Here’s a little closer view of the center. This was a great way to learn some new stitches and finish a UFO.

Back of the Crazy Quilt Pillow

Here’s the back. Right now the pillow inside is one of our couch cushions so I need to get a pillow insert but otherwise it is finished. I am happy to have finished this project that has been sitting around for several years now. Mark one off my list.

8 thoughts on “Finished Crazy Quilt Pillow

  1. Well done Ruth, it takes persistence and grit to go back and finish a piece after such a long time and the finished result is amazing. I really don’t like spiders but this one has me smiling 🙂

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