Soy Wax and Shibori

My local surface design group met today and we played with soy wax and shibori. We have done both of these techniques separately but haven’t combined the two before.

Soy Wax Tools

We brought a bunch of different items to apply the soy wax to fabric and paper.

Soy Wax Set Up

Bunny had everything set up for us, we turned on the electric skillet with the soy wax and it melted very quickly. So we were ready to go.

I had previously stitched a few pieces to shibori and Bunny had wrapped some pieces of silk on a pole ready to go. We applied soy wax to the shibori pieces and then added dye afterwards. We used Color Hue dyes which don’t require any sort of pre-treatment to the fabric and set almost immediately.

I had a bunch of pieces of fabric that had either been painted or dyed before. I added soy wax with a variety of tools.

Soy Wax and Dye Applied to Multi Color Fabric

And then added the Color Hue dyes.

Here you can see Bunny and Louise adding dye to their fabric that had already had the soy wax applied. I am now waiting for the fabric to dry and then I have to iron the wax out of all the pieces. So I will have to show you the results later. We had a good time and I think I made some pretty ugly fabric somewhat better. But I guess we’ll see!

12 thoughts on “Soy Wax and Shibori

  1. It’s good to get together with like minded people and have some fun exploring new things.
    As often happens, your ugly ducklings may well turn out to be swans Ruth. 🙂 Please lt us know.

  2. It’d be great if every community had groups like this or a space for people to get together and try things, your group always does interesting things 🙂

    • I totally agree Zed. It would be wonderful to have a space to use. We use each other’s homes but it gets kind of crowded sometimes. I do like to try new things with the group. Lots of times they are things I wouldn’t try on my own.

  3. What a great way to improve those sad pieces of dyed fabric we all have langushing in the bottom of a box! I’m with Zed, your surface design group looks like so much fun I’m tempted to move to Montana just so can join you 🙂

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