Gotland Locks from Sweden

Look what came in the mail yesterday. They left Sweden on October 28th and arrived in Montana on November 2nd. Amazing!

Gotland Collage

These are gorgeous Gotland Locks from Zara in Sweden. I got a box full of locks which I shared with my friend Paula. Not sure what I am making with these yet but maybe the fourth quarter challenge needs some locks!

If you would like to get some of these lovely locks, check out this post on the forum.

9 thoughts on “Gotland Locks from Sweden

  1. They are unbelievably gorgeous, aren’t they? 🙂 Mine made me want to go back to greyscale idea for the 4th quarter challenge.

      • Thanks Ruth! I have to be fairly active to keep lungs active. No sitting around eating bon bons. 🙂 I do get tired and have to rest. Taking it a little at a time.

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