Still Stitching Crazy

I’m still working on the crazy quilt square that I showed you last week but I have all the seams finished. I decided I would add a bit more to the centers of the pieces too as they looked kind of bare. I did try seven new stitches though. Here is what I have learned.

Basque Stitch

This is the Basque stitch. It is a combination of buttonhole with a twisted chain.

Braid or Cable Plait Stitch

This dark blue line is the Braid or Cable Plait stitch.

Knotted Pearl Stitch

The brown stitch on two sides of the triangle is the Knotted Pearl Stitch.

Mountmellick Stitch

The seam stitches in blue are the Mountmellick stitch. Kind of looks like a row of little triangles.

Finished Palestrina Stitch

I went around the edge of the Palestrina triangle to finish that up.

Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch

The wavy line in blue is the Portuguese Knotted Stem stitch.

Raised Stem Stitch

And this really thick blue line is raised stem stitch.

Full Crazy Quilt Square

And here is the full square as it is currently. I plan on adding a bit more and then I will make it into a pillow. And that will be one UFO completed!


2 thoughts on “Still Stitching Crazy

  1. It’s looking good Ruth and will make a pretty pillow. (Interestingly, the word pillow has been adopted by some of the younger generation over here to mean a cushion, but to most of us a pillow is still something you have in bed to rest your head on and a cushion is something you rest your back on whilst sitting in a chair or on a settee).

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