I Painted All Day

I painted all day long today. Unfortunately, I painted this:

New Garage Freshly Painted

It’s our new garage. Previously, we housed the boat in a tent. We were always having to scrape the snow off the roof of the tent so it wouldn’t collapse and the tent was falling apart. So we had a new garage built and I said “Oh we can paint it ourselves.” What was I thinking??

Garage and House

So here it is from the other side. We got paint to match the house and painted the walls. I still have to paint the trim and the door. The garage door is being installed tomorrow. And oh, I almost forgot, the floor is wooden so we got this special waterproof decking stuff to paint on the floor. So we have to prime the floor and then do two coats of the decking stuff. What fun.

sketchbook Feathers

But I did add a couple of sketches to my sketchbook this week. These are three different types of feathers that I found on my morning walks.

sketchbook pine cone cropped

And here’s a pine cone that has been sitting on the windowsill for a while. I have hesitated to sketch it since it is a bit complex but I bit the bullet. And I really like how it turned out. Have a great weekend. And if you’d like to come help finish painting the garage, I would love for you to come and visit!

12 thoughts on “I Painted All Day

  1. Your sketching is wonderful – at first glance, before I read the text, I thought I was looking at a photo of feathers!

    As for painting the shed…not my idea of fun…but it does look good and will be so good after battling with the tent.

  2. Ruth you are the master of redirection! When I saw the first line pop up on my blog I was expecting a sketchbook full of paintings, only to find it was a garage, then I saw your lovely feathers and pine cone and thought you had painted them on the garage, to find they were in your sketchbook! The pine cone is amazing, you have made a difficult subject look ver easy.

    • Well painting the garage seemed a bit boring for the subject matter. So little misdirection was in order šŸ™‚ I think my husband would have had a cow if I started painting things on the garage other than the prescribed colors. I did get all the trim done on Sunday and Monday while the weather held out.

      Thanks in regards to the pine cone. It was easier than I thought it would be actually once I got started.

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