Second Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Sample

I started working on the next sample of the nuno felted paper fabric lamination piece. I had decided to couch some small sticks down to the surface. So I collected a bunch of interesting tamarack sticks on my walks in the morning. They are quite bumpy and textured.

Couched Sticks Currently Stitched Down

So here are the ones that I have currently couched down. I used one that is nearly covered in lichens too. But I’m not very happy with the result.

Couched Sticks First Option

I was originally planning on adding a lot more on the left side but didn’t like that either. So now I am playing around with different layouts.

Couched Sticks Second Option

I think part of the problem is that the sticks on the right are very dark and the rest of my sticks are lighter. But the overall problem is that the sticks are too textured. With all the texture in the background plus the texture on the sticks it seems too overwhelming. I can see this much better since I took a photo of it. I will probably take the sticks off and start again with smooth sticks and see if I like that better. What is your opinion?

4 thoughts on “Second Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Sample

  1. I like the paper nuno felt, but I think the branches especially the dark ones are fighting the delicate nuno texture and colors. Normally, I love woody textures, but here it seems too much contrast. Perhaps yarn or stitching would be better and not fight the background. IMHO.

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