Couching Begun

I got started couching various bits of yarn down to the nuno felted paper laminated silk piece.

Paper Fabric Lamination Nuno Felted Silk with Couching

The photo above shows the entire sample which I am in the midst of stitching. I have a lot more couching to go.

Close Up

Here’s a little closer view. I am using up scraps of yarn that I have in a variety of green shades and a few reddish-brown ones too. I think this one might take a while.

10 thoughts on “Couching Begun

  1. Love this one, Ruth! I like adding couching to my felt landscapes. Do you lay your yarn down or use needle
    and thread on the background? I’ve just been laying it down and couching as I go.

    • Thanks! I was thinking roots but an aerial view is definitely true as well. Since I am not planning where each ones goes, it will definitely be interesting to see how it turns out 🙂

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