Lupines Complete

It’s finally finished. I added just a few more leaves in the background area. You can’t really see them too much but do click on the photos for a better view.

Final Wildflower Wall Hanging

This is the complete piece. I am planning on framing it. My friend Deb suggested that I “float” it over framed matt board so I might try that.

Close Up Final Wildflower Wall Hanging

Here’s a close up. The leaves on the lupine closest to the top are the ones I added in several places. I used a bit thinner thread so they weren’t as prominent. So I guess I am on to the next project which is couching on the nuno felted paper fabric lamination piece that I showed you here.

15 thoughts on “Lupines Complete

  1. It turned out great Ruth! I feel like I want to touch the leaves to see if they are prickly. 🙂 Floating it sounds like a good idea. Will you keep this or sell it?

  2. This has to be one of the best felted pictures that I have seen Ruth. The colours and movement in the felt are lovely and the way you have so carefully accented the flowers and leaves really brings the whole thing alive. An impressive art work. Karen

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