Experimenting with a New Painting Technique

I found a new technique to try for painting. I have used plastic draped over paint many times before to get a variety of ridges left in the paint. But I never thought to try this technique before. First you cut your plastic into shapes like rocks. I used a 2 mil painters plastic. Then you paint the page with really wet paint. Then place the plastic rock shapes into the wet paint. Let it dry. And this is the result.

Green and Blue Rock Study

These pages were painted first so I was adding a second layer of color. The one above was painted blue and green and I added black paint on top.

Yellow, Orange, Red Rock Study

This page was a mix of colors but it was fairly light. I added red on top. The darker areas in the background have had further color added with colored pencil. I may add some more colored pencil. And I plan on adding some more details to the blue and green one as well. I had a lot of fun playing with color.


10 thoughts on “Experimenting with a New Painting Technique

  1. Interesting technique Ruth. It reminds me of sun dyeing and I wonder if a similar mechanism is at work, the exposed areas dry quicker and draw moisture (and paint) from the areas under the plastic. I can see this technique creating some really striking designs, thanks for sharing.

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