Stitching Wild Flowers

I wrote a post about creating this piece over on the Felting and Fiber Studio. I have started adding a little hand stitching.

Montana Wild Flower Landscape

I have a lot more stitching to go.

Close Up of Lupines with Stitching

I plan on adding French knots to all the lupines and then perhaps add more leaf detail and detail to the Indian Paintbrush.

French Knots

I’m not being really careful with the French knots as I don’t want them to be all the same shape and size. I am using Perle cotton that I hand dyed. It’s a variegated purple thread and was perfect for this project.

What have you been working on? Thanks for stopping by!

16 thoughts on “Stitching Wild Flowers

  1. Very nice finishing touches Ruth. I’ve been practicing embroidery stitches lately, but not on anything important.

  2. The lupines look lovely, Ruth. I frequently embellish my landscapes with hand embroidery. Just like the look & therapy of stitching by hand. Currently working on a new felt landscape in Colorado.

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  3. The embroidery adds so much more texture and depth – lovely work! I’ve taken a leaf out of your book and been doing some (much more basic) embroidery on felt – will post something soon!

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