Painting Party

Last week when my local group got together we had a painting party. We started with a 4 yard white piece of cotton and then went a little wild. First we added Dye-Na-Flow paints to cover all the white.

Once the paint was on, then we dried the fabric with hair dryers and heat guns plus a little ironing. After that we used a combination of oil paint sticks, metallic paints and markers to add more detail. Throughout the process, we all kept moving around the table never staying in one place for too long. That way everyone added their own touches to the entire piece.

Once we had the fabric covered, we ripped it into six pieces and everyone took a piece home. We are supposed to make something from the fabric. I haven’t decided what I’m going to make yet. Last time we did this several years ago I ended up making a book and some cards.

I am working away on my online class and got another video completed today. Hopefully, I will have the first module ready to go in another month. I’m hoping to start the first class “Paper Fabric Lamination in Nuno Felting” in May. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.


10 thoughts on “Painting Party

  1. Magnificent piece of fabric – good idea for everyone to keep moving around and adding their own bits! I love the base colours you all put down to start with and that alone would have made a pretty dress or two.

  2. What a fun painting party! The end result is magnifique! After you applied the DynaFlow, did you use stamps for some of the effects, or are those designs all hand-drawn? Would have loved to take home the entire piece of cloth and made a wild curtain.
    Painting party anyone?

    • Thanks Cathy! We used stamps, stencils, texture plates and then some were hand drawn. You and Marilyn should find a couple of other people to join in and the try it 🙂

  3. What a lovely way to brighten up a grey winter day! (Can you tell I’m missing the colours of India? 😉 ) I look forward to seeing what you do with your piece of fabric.

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