Mixed Media Pieces from Last Month’s Get Together

I have shown you the pieces that I started at my art groups last meeting. But I thought you might like to see what the others created. Bunny forgot to bring hers so I’ll have to get photos of those later.

Mixed Media Daisy by Sally Glutting

This one is by Sally. She is really channeling spring. I love the colors and the writing showing through in the background.

Mixed Media Piece by Carole Mosely

This one is by Carole. She is thinking about adding a single real leaf as a focal point. You should enlarge this and take a look at all the texture. Really cool.

Mixed Media Piece by Louise Barker

This one is by Louise. It is one that she had used as a sample to show us how to get started. Look closely at the cheesecloth along the bottom. She has some kind of new stuff that will rust anything. Rusted cheesecloth!

Mixed Media Piece by Louise Barker

This is another one of Louise’s. She said that she didn’t like how it was going so she put more plaster on both sides and then repainted it. She suggested I could do the same with my iris piece.

The rest of these are also by Louise. She has been really busy making some beautiful pieces, hasn’t she? The black, white and blue one is fabric from one of our deconstructed screen printing sessions. Today we met and did a whole cloth free form painting session. I’ll show you photos soon. Hope you have a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Mixed Media Pieces from Last Month’s Get Together

  1. Rusted cheesecloth? Amazing!

    They are all lovely pieces and I like to look at the daisy because it’s so cheerful and reminds me that Spring is just around the corner.

  2. All the pieces look nice. I’m intrigued by rusted cheesecloth. I like the idea of painting over plaster. I’ll have to try that.

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