Sketch Book Pages

I’ve been working in my sketchbook when I get a few minutes. I have been trying to do some “layering” of different techniques.

Sketchbook Red Flowers

This one has been painted, printed and then I used colored pencils to better define the flower shapes.

Sketchbook Blue Flowers

The photo on this one is one my sister Margaret took by our house while she was here. I stenciled on the little blue flowers and then used Inktense pencils and permanent marker to draw the larger blue flower.

Sketchbook Orange Flowers

This one is another photo by Margaret and then the rest is paint.

Sketchbook Marbles

I painted the background first on this page and then silk screened purple ink through a screen that was made from a photo of marbles in a vase. I then added colored pencil. I think I will add more to this but haven’t decided what yet.

Sketchbook Layers

This last page has several different layers including paint on the first layer, then silk screened dark green ink followed by a layer of light gesso. I then put more color back into the background with colored pencils. Again, I think I will add more to this one but not sure what yet.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good weekend.

12 thoughts on “Sketch Book Pages

  1. What a great way to play and try new combinations of techniques! I can’t say I like one more than another. They all have interesting qualities.

  2. I love these little peeks into your sketchbook, they are always fascinating to look at. The selection you have shown here all look so different you could be forgiven for thinking they were by different artists, you have such a fabulous creative range, I am really quite envious!

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