DDF – Day 18

Today I worked on getting the bead book ready for binding, painted backings for the applique book, got another shadow applique almost ready to stitch and taught Paula how to put photos on to Flickr and then on to the forum. Paula and I also stopped by the college to check out the lab room for future felting classes.

 Here’s the bead book all ready for binding. I had planned on beading the binding all along but I ran out of the beads I was planning to use. So I went to buy more and guess what? They don’t have them anymore. I got some that I thought were the right color but they aren’t. But I am going to just have to use them as they are close enough.

 Here’s the shadow applique. I haven’t gotten the organza attached in any way at this point. I’ll have to do some basting. I took this photo at an angle to show the colors better. I found that the organza doesn’t show well from straight above as you’ll see in the following photos.

 Here is the piece without the organza.

 This was when I was sampling different pieces of organza. This is the same organza as in the top photo but you can see it just kind of disappeared.

 I tried another piece but it seemed to look too “spotty”.

 Then I turned the background around and liked it better from this angle.

I tried the other piece of organza again but still doesn’t work for me. Now I’ve got to decide what color thread to use. I did make a small sample piece to try out some different thread colors as this piece will have more stitching on the background. Did you do something fun today?

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