DDF – Day 19

Today I didn’t get much done but did finish up one applique project, basted another and got the backs attached for the applique book.

 This is the basting I got done today. I basted the organza to the background with the cut out designs. I also made a small sample so I could try some different colors of thread.

Here’s the finished applique piece. Somehow the photo is upside down. But I guess it actually could go either way.
What I did today was stitch the organza down to the back side. The stitching from the front makes a nice black on black look doesn’t it? Kind of quilted.

 Here is the applique book backs. I used painted fabric stabilizer of a medium weight and then fused them on. I used a fusible that has a clear backing and I had a really hard time getting the backing off. I worked out a way to take it off easily. I used a piece of packing tape, stuck it to the clear backing and then pulled the backing off with the tape. It was impossible to find a free edge to pull off as you would do with a paper backing.

Here’s the front of the book pages. This book will be bound with the “stab and wrap” method. So now I’ve got two books ready to bind.

One thought on “DDF – Day 19

  1. Ruth i love the colors in these book pages, day 22 and your still going strong, i managed a whole 1 day over the last 22 so i'm doing well to arent i ( not) lol

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