Making Nuno Felted Yardage

 It’s been a busy week and I’m just now getting around to posting about last week’s class. We started at 9:00 am and didn’t finish until 5:30 pm. Lots of work!

 Here is everyone laying out their wool on the silk. Everyone started with at least 3 yards of  silk. Patsy is laying  out her wool. She is the only one who used silk gauze instead of habotai.

 Diane made a white on white jacket. She already has wool laid out here but it is hard to see.

 Juliane’s jacket was in various shades of blue. Paula dyed the wool and the silk. It was gorgeous.

 This is Debbie’s piece. Her silk is dyed black and blue (by Paula again) and then she used two colors of blue wool.

 Still working away.

 Patsy did two layers of wool.

 That white is really hard to see, isn’t it?

 It took about three hours to get the silk completely covered with wool.

 Just keep going girls!!

 Here Patsy is beginning to wet down the wool.

 Diane has part of hers wet,  she’s rolled up the wet end and now is working on the other end.

 Julie is getting all the air out of the wool while she wets down.

 Debbie is also wetting hers down.

 Now on to rolling. Somehow I missed out on any fulling photos.

 Here’s Patsy in her jacket. She decided to not make the lapels so wide. We’ve just pinned the shoulder seams. Everyone will sew their jacket at home.

 Here’s Julie in her jacket.

 And the back side.

 Debbie is getting shaping advice from Paula. She is wearing the jacket silk side out.

And here’s the back. I didn’t manage to get a photo of Diane’s white jacket. Hopefully, she’ll send me a photo after it’s completed. Everyone did a marvelous job and each of the jackets was unique. Success!

3 thoughts on “Making Nuno Felted Yardage

  1. Wow Ruth the girls all look very happy with their new jackets' they look so cosy and warm to. Would you believe I'm making my first nuno felt vest for my grandaughter and loving it 🙂

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