First Day of Nuno Felted Jacket Class

I am in the midst of teaching a nuno felted jacket class at Camas Creek Yarn. We had the first class on Friday and the actually making of the jacket yardage will happen this coming Friday. There is only room for four people in the class as the space is limited for really big projects. Most people need at least three yards.

 Here’s the class room before we started. We talked about nuno felting, design, color and different methods of construction for a jacket.

 Here is everyone working on their 12″x12″ samples. Then we get to do the fun part. Shrinkage and  math!

 This is Debbie’s sample when she started.

 This is Patsy’s sample. She is doing a heavier jacket as compared to everyone else in the class.

 This is Diane’s sample. She is going to make a white jacket.

Here’s Julie doing a bit of rubbing to encourage those wool fibers through the silk. Julie is planning on dyeing her jacket after it’s completely felted.

Next week I’ll show you the jackets when they are nearly finished.

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