Picasso Dogs and New Silk Screens

 I met with my surface design group on Friday and we had fun playing with a drawing exercise and making new silk screens. We used the EZ Screen Print sheets and Bunny’s Yudu machine.

 This is the result of the Picasso dog drawing exercise. I heard about this idea from a podcast that I listened to here. It might have been the one from Diana Trout but I can’t remember. Anyways, you keep turning the page and adding an eye, a foot, a tail, a snout etc. Then you connect the lines to make a Picasso dog. Mine is the bottom left one. It was fun for our Picasso exercise we did this past month. I don’t seem to have a photo of my Picasso tractor sculpture that I made. I’ll have to show you that later.

 Here are some of the silk screens we made. Most of us were going for background type texture to add to our projects. My four are on the left. Several of mine look like bark, can you imagine? Jan’s are in the middle and Louise’s are on the right. Isn’t her cheesecloth one cool?

 These are Carole’s. The one on the bottom right is my favorite.

 And here are Bunny’s on the left. Her flower on the top left printed out really well. I am planning on doing something with these screens soon so more photos to follow.

4 thoughts on “Picasso Dogs and New Silk Screens

  1. What a great art day. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've put the first stitching on the landscape that features the prefelts you gave me and plan to make some flowers from the fuchsia merino.

  2. Great fun, I did the Picasso exercise in a drawing class a few weeks back and we did Picasso fish! Then we painted them using watercolours and inks and they looked fantastic. I then played around with doing birds and that was good as well.

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