Picasso Challenge

 Here is a photo of my piece I made for our group’s Picasso challenge. It’s my hubbie on his tractor. And I have to say it looks just like him! LOL

It was fun putting this together. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it thus the use of packing tape but it was fun.

This is the sculpture by Picasso that inspired me. I have never really liked his paintings so when I was looking him up online, I searched under sculpture. And this intrigued me. So I tried a cardboard sculpture. Have you studied any artist’s work and then done something in their style? My local group is doing just that each month. It’s been interesting.

5 thoughts on “Picasso Challenge

  1. Hey the tractor is great Ruth, i would never have thought to do that, i really think i need to find me some hands on groups/courses, i need fun lol

  2. I thought I replied to this last week, sorry.I did a lot of Jackson Pollock style paintings many years ago :)Trying out abstracts for Ann's studio challenge created a few Picasso style faces, which were quite funny. The tractor looks great, it worked really well.

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