Cottage Garden

 This is a photo of a needle point piece that my mother made in 1988. It hangs with a companion piece made by my father over our bed. I have always loved this look into a cottage garden. I needed to do another distorted cross stitch piece for my home work for Level II stitch class so I chose this needle point piece as my inspiration. The original needle point is 11″ x 15″ and the cross stitch piece was to be 3″ x 3.75″ so I decided to make the garden a bit simper and leave out all the buildings.

 Here is what I started with as a background. I fused these pieces down to the background.

Here’s the end result. I used distorted cross stitch throughout except on the wall and the cobblestone path. I used straight stitch for those. I didn’t like the color of the wall after I got finished so I darkened it up a bit with Inktense pencils. I’m pleased with the results and actually liked doing this one better than the first because I had an inspiration to follow. Does it look like a garden to you?

9 thoughts on “Cottage Garden

  1. Ruth this is absolutely gorgeous and i thinks its beautiful that your inspiration came from a piece your mum made all those years ago. Did you fuse your background pieces using that iron on webbing or something, it absolutely looks like a cottage garden. I really really love your first one to, inspiration or not that one worked out beautifully 🙂

  2. Really like the embroidery on your cottage piece. I just bought some intense blocks but haven't been brave enough to use them yet. I also wanted to say thanks for sending the info on the program at FVCC. I just can't imagine when I would find the time to do it. I am leaving for two weeks on Monday – 5 days in AZ followed by 9 days in CA. I'm taking a two day ribbon cockades class, a millinery class and then we will be doing some felting classes. Hopefully I will get those intense blocks out when I return – have you used them on felt yet?

  3. Ruth, of course it looks like a garden!! It's absolutely fantastic. Saw it yesterday, but didn't have time to comment. You have really excelled yourself with this. Congratulations.

  4. Hi Ruth – just been catching up on your lovely posts! Loved this cottage garden – very creative, all that hand stitching – great to see it from inception.

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