Nuno Felted Book Cover

 This is a book cover that I made last summer but never finished. It was a practice piece for another project and it just happened to fit my paper stitch book perfectly. The purple portion of the flower is felted to the cover and was a pre-felt. The cover was made with merino and cotton ‘harem’ cloth. The cloth was covered on both sides with wool and a resist was used to make the pocket that the front cover of the book slides into.

 I added hand stitching, mainly button hole and chain stitch. But there are also a few straight stitches and some french knots. The leaves are done with chain stitch used as a filling stitch. It’s still pretty plain and I may add other flowers and leaves at a later date but right now I’m happy with it.

 I added a hook and eye type closure, the kind that is made to go on trousers.

Here’s the inside showing the first page of my stitch book. It’s a little wonky in places but it helps to keep the book closed as it tends to bulge open a bit with all the stitching on the pages.

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