Quick and Easy Note Cards

 I cut up my painted fabric into approximately 4″x6″ rectangles and I now have a big stack to use to make note cards. I already had the white note cards and since the fabric is so colorful, it’s simple to add a bit of machine stitching  and sew it to the card.

I just looked at the piece to find a place to start. The green paint on the left looked like leaves so I thread sketched those in and sketched in longer leaves on the right. I used stitch and tear to stabilize the fabric. I found it worked best if I fused the stitch and tear and the fabric before stitching. I then fused the stitched fabric to the card before sewing around the edge.

For this card, I used automatic machine stitches to make a pattern. I tried using a glue stick to baste this in place before stitching to the card. It didn’t hold very well and shifted a bit with stitching.

I saw a butterfly in this piece of painted fabric. He’s a bit wonky but still looks like some sort of flying insect. Each card only takes about 10 minutes or so. I’m going to try and stitch a few every day so I have cards to use when I need them.

5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Note Cards

  1. Ruth they are gorgeous and what a great idea, i love the way you've added the stitches and i'm really going to have to get my sewing machine fixed. the last one looks like an angel 🙂

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