Discharging Scarves

 I am working on the next layer of complexity on my recently dyed scarves. This one was the walnut ink one so I used Jacquard Discharge paste through my ammonites stencil. It worked great.

 I took Jane Dunnewold’s advice in her most recent book and ironed the discharge paste when wet. The instructions say to let it dry. But it worked fine and took less time that way. These look like watermarks. This scarf is currently getting the flour paste treatment. Since I got quite a few questions on that technique, I am working on a tutorial on how for that. Hope to have it completed soon.

 This one I discharge some circles through a cardboard stencil that was part of some packaging.

 Here’s a close up. The red only discharges part way especially if it is really dark red.

 This one I used three different leaf stencils to discharge. Again, they look like watermarks and are pretty subtle. But that was just the effect I wanted.

Here is a close up of one of the leaves. These will be getting more layers and I have a bunch more scarves to discharge. More later!

4 thoughts on “Discharging Scarves

  1. I spent the weekend at a workshop dying scarves and we talked about doing a discharge day when the weather improves, it was -37C here this weekend, and now I really want to use stencils to discharge. Those are gorgeous scarves I wished I lived closer to you so I could see them in person.

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