Future Silk Screens

 I worked this week on finishing up my fossil sketches.

 This one will be for a background type of silk screen for an all over pattern effect.

 These two were a bit tedious to draw and get all the black filled in but I think they will make good silk screens.

 I then scanned the sketches into the computer as black and white photos. Then I put them into PSE (Photoshop Elements) and cleaned them up a bit. Do you think my fossil fish looks mean?

 This one I reversed the colors in Photoshop. You an do this by opening your photo, clicking on filter, then adjustments and then click invert. Worked like a charm! Any stray bits of black I painted over with the paintbrush tool using white.

 I couldn’t decide if I liked the positive or negative so I think I will make a screen both ways.

 Here’s the all over fossil pattern. I cleaned up stray bits of black with the paintbrush again on this one.

Here’s my trilobite. I really like how this turned out. I can’t wait to make the silk screens and try them out on my scarves. I ordered some PhotoEZ sheets but I won’t get time to finish these until I get back from my hand embroidery class. Our next meeting with my local surface design group we are going to make silk screens and try out a Yudu machine. I’m getting prepared for that get together. I have to print these on to transparencies and then I’ll be all set. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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