Dyed Scarves

 These are scarves that I dyed a few weeks ago but hadn’t gotten a chance to post about.

 I did a variety of colors and they are all done with low immersion dyeing with acid dyes.

 I am planning on using these as base for more surface design.

 I plan on using a combination of techniques including discharge, stamping, stenciling, screen printing etc.

 This one has both black and brown in it.

 This one is brown and is pretty boring but that’s OK since I’m planning on adding more complexity.

I don’t usually like blues too much but this one turned out nicely.

 And my favorite autumn combinations.

 This is larger than the others and is really black and red but the lighting was pretty poor when I was taking these photos.

 This one was dyed with walnut ink.

 This one was also dyed with walnut ink as the first layer. I then used flour paste as a resist on the entire scarf. If you haven’t tried flour paste, it is really quite messy. I forgot one step but it still worked out. I didn’t pin the scarf down and left it to dry on a piece of plastic. The flour paste contracted and rolled up the edges of the scarf. It was quite a sight. But I flattened it out after it was dry (24 hours) and cracked the paste. I then thinned black textile paint with water and covered the pasted side completely with black paint. It was really ugly then.

 After the black paint dried (another 24 hours), I rolled up the pasted and painted scarf and put it in a bucket of cold water. The paste peeled right off and I was left with this wondrous texture.

 I love it! I washed the scarf to make sure all the paste came out. The black lightened a bit after washing but I really like the soft look.

I am planning on adding fossil motifs as another layer. I have a bit of practicing to do before I add them to the scarf as I don’t want to “ruin” it. I’m planning on using thickened dyes in shades of ecru and browns. I have the other walnut dyed scarf so I’m planning on trying the flour paste again. I may try them on some of the acid dyed scarves as well. More on these later after they have more surface design applied.

7 thoughts on “Dyed Scarves

  1. Hello Ruth, how did I miss seeing these!! I love them all so much, but I have to agree with other commenters and say how very special the one is where you've used the flour paste. I'll be really hanging out to see further developments, and the colours you are planning sound excellent. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with paint/paste/ink/dye.

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