What I’ve been Dyeing

 I spent all day on Friday with my dyes. These are the first of the lace weight wools that I’ve dyed. I will be doing a lot more of these. It was very easy. The part that took the longest was making the little skeins and tying them so they wouldn’t tangle. These are going to be perfect for adding hand embroidered accents to felt.

 This is silk noil. I had several other colors that I dyed but it was hard to get a decent photo. I’ll be adding these to my felt projects as well. It will add lovely texture and a bit of shine.

Here’s the first nuno felted scarf that I made last week. My favorite fall colors.

 Here’s the back side. I love the texture of the silk. Isn’t it yummy?

Here’s the second nuno felted scarf. I am very disappointed in this one. I put way too much black and it looks awful to me. Hopefully, someone else will like it.

I do like the little circles of unfelted silk. I will do more of those but just dye differently or use already dyed wool for the next one.

 This is one of the scarves that I dyed quite a while ago and took to the store to sell. It was a light blue with small spots of pink. I didn’t like it and I was tired of looking at it that way. So I over dyed and it looks much better.

 Here is one of the marbled scarves I made with our group at the first of the month. I over dyed it and again, in my favorite fall colors.

 This one didn’t work out as well. I over dyed these by soaking them in vinegar, letting them dry and then painting the dye on the back side. I used a watered down blue and it dyed very unevenly. The gold one above worked just fine with the same technique.

 And this is the last one. I dyed it a pale lavender. It still isn’t something I would wear but perhaps someone else will like that much pink.

And then I needed more wool for making cat toys. So here is a rainbow of wool. You can’t really see the difference between the purple one and the blue but there is a difference. Just poor lighting. I also dyed wool for a purple and green vase that I will make for my sister for Christmas but the photo didn’t turn out well. It was a busy day but now I’m ready to get working on a lot of projects. Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “What I’ve been Dyeing

  1. I agree with VIckie about the scarf that you are not happy with – if that is going to the shop I would be willing to bet that it will sell quickly!!! Your fav NUNO scarf is fabulous- we are working with the same materials lately- I am making felted books and using my embellisher to create mixed fiber brooches- great minds think alike!!!!

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