Design Focus Friday

I checked out another book from the library about design. I’ve only read half way through part 1, but it is quite interesting. It’s a book about painting but she used a very mixed media approach so it translates well to fabric or fiber.

Here’s one section I thought would help anyone. I’ve shortened and summarized a bit.

Thirteen Tips to Become a Better Artist

  1. Look at good art.
  2. Read other art books (library, bookstores that sell out of print books)
  3. Study and take classes in other art fields.
  4. Find a place to create where you won’t be worried about the furniture or the floor getting stained.
  5. Create! There is no substitute for actually doing the work and making something (many somethings).
  6. Make small studies. Working on many small samples at once can help if you get stuck on one piece. Just go on to the next one. These small pieces will teach you so much that can be applied to larger works.
  7. View your in-progress work in an upright position, from a distance and from every orientation.
  8. Take good photos for reference. In order to create abstraction from reality, you must know that reality. Also take good photos of your work, you never know when you’ll need them.
  9. Work in more than one genre as one enhances another.
  10. Enter shows. Start by entering local shows, you must view yourself as a professional if you want to be treated as one. It is good to see how your work holds up against others work. If you start to win prizes at every local show you enter, it is time to enter national shows.
  11. Sell your work. It’s wonderful when someone wants to own something you’ve created.
  12. Make the time. If you really want to create, do it now. Tomorrow may never come. If you want to create, you have to make it happen.
  13. Reward yourself. (she says to treat yourself to food – this is a bad idea for any of us trying to maintain our weight.) Pat yourself on the back, go out on a fun outing, go to a movie etc.

There are also some very interesting exercises in this book and I’ll get to those later in the Design Focus Friday series. Next Friday I’ll start a new subject – line. I will also be hosting my local fiber group at my house and we’ll be working on nuno felting. I can’t wait!

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