Over Dyed Scarves

These are the scarves that I overdyed. They were a bit namby pamby before and I like them better now. The colors in the photos are a bit off, these are even a deeper color than shown.

Here’s a green one. I’m thinking about doing a bit of discharging on this one to make it a bit more interesting.

This one was pink and yellow and now is a deep salmon with orange and spots of a deep plum.

This one was originally done with spectral bleeding tissue at a class I took, I then shibori dyed it with maroon but it needed a color to bring it all together. So I overdyed it with Aztec gold. It looks much more wearable now.

This one was pink and black – now a deep cranberry although it still looks pink in this photo.

This one was much more yellow before I overdyed it. I don’t think very many people wear yellow so I think green will sell better.

This last one is shawl sized and it was Aztec gold, yellow and brown before. I added red and turquoise. It’s a very deep, rich mix of colors now. Much more interesting to me. As you can probably tell, if you’ve read my blog before, I like deep, rich colors and I’m not a real fan of pastels. So I’m much happier with these.

5 thoughts on “Over Dyed Scarves

  1. Thanks for the information regarding prices, Ruth. That first one really interests me – I looks like a long narrow scarf, rather than a rectangle. Is that correct? I'll try to call tomorrow and get more details.

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