Winter, Anyone?

So this is the scene that I woke up to this morning. The high today was 31 degrees F.

Because it was so cold, this light layer of snow froze on the roads and made everything really slick. Luckily now it has almost melted off the roads. We are off to a Grizzly football game tomorrow and it’s is supposed to be similar weather. So I decided we needed a couple of scarves.

So here is the one I made for DH. It’s reversible with a thread sketched Griz paw.

Here’s the whole scarf. They are made from fleece.

And here’s my scarf. I’m sure everyone has already made one of these years ago but I never had. It’s super easy though. So hopefully, we won’t freeze tomorrow. I’m also making some flower pins out of leftover fleece. I found some great griz paw buttons. I’ll take photos when they’re done. I can always finish them on the two hour trip down to Missoula. Go Griz!

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