New Felting Technique and Featured Artist

Zed from the Felting Forum showed us a site that had instructions for an easy to do felting technique. You lay out layers of fibers choosing ones with lots of texture. You should lay them out on something that won’t stick to your fibers. I used a nylon netting. This was OK on this green piece but did not work on the grey/black piece. I will use sheeting next time. You then stitch it all together. I just basted with a heavy thread.

Here’s the photo of the other one. I used heavy thread and then pulled tightly to get more texture.

Here’s the green one after coming out of the washing machine. The netting came off easily. I just threw both of these in the wash with some other things I was washing. It is very textured and was super easy to do.

Here’s the black/grey one. This is a bad photo but you can see that lots of the netting felted to this. I just ripped it off in shreds.

Here’s how I used the green one.

And here’s the black/grey one. The netting still stuck on just gives it more texture ;0)

Due to a late cancellation from another artist, I am the featured artist for Gallery Nights in October at my gallery, The Purple Pomegranate. I set up all my work today. Had a bit of a problem with the jelly fish light. It has an acrylic lamp shade under the wool and the acrylic was melting – aaaaaahhhhh…… So I had to re-do it a bit. The wool part was fine so I got new washers to go over the hole (now enlarged) in the acrylic part and got a 7 watt light bulb which changes colors. In the dark, it looks really cool but now it’s really just a night light.

Here’s another view.

The back wall.

And my thread sketched pieces. So opening night is tomorrow night – wish me luck!

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