Machine Embroidery

Here is a machine embroidery piece that I have started today. It is loosely based on the photo of the California poppies that I posted about here. I am using canvas as a base and then I fused down various hand painted and hand dyed fabrics which I am stitching over. The canvas is stiff enough that I don’t have to use a hoop.

Here’s a close up of the background trees. I’ll show you more once I get it stitched. I am debating on whether to do some poppies on dissoveable fabric to put in the foreground. I guess I’ll decide once I get part of the foreground done. Thanks for all the positive comments on the jelly fish!

4 thoughts on “Machine Embroidery

  1. Haven't visited your blog for a while, but I am glad I popped over tonight – the machine embroidery looks good, but I just love the colour and texture in your lampshade,it is gorgeous. cheers, Robin

  2. I saw your lovely poppies in the Quilting Arts gallery and was interested looking at your blog seeing how you put it all together. I've just been doing a quilt of a butterfly and flower using a similar method with fused fabrics and thread painting.

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