Where has July gone?

Sorry it’s been so long but I seem to never get time to play with fiber in July. I always have company, we’re busy with tourists at work and I’ve been out and about boating, hiking, going to festivals and fairs. Hopefully, I’m now back on my regular schedule.

I did manage to finish this felted jellyfish lampshade. I wanted to make my own base for it and I still plan on doing that but I made this for the Felting Forum July mixed media challenge so I wanted to post it today. It’s done with wet felting, machine embroidery, machine needle felting and then sewn on to an acrylic lamp shade. My hubby suggested that I put wire in the tentacles so that they would sway out to the side as if it was really underwater. I’m not thinking I’ll do that but I have to see how it looks once I have the lamp base made. Hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer (or winter if you’re on the other side of the world) and you’ll hear more from me in August.

6 thoughts on “Where has July gone?

  1. I love this jellyfish. The colours are perfect. Looking at it reminds me of a project an old uni friend made for his 3d design course a few years ago. He made a jellyfish table out of melted carrier bags. This was long before the craze to make art out of recycled mediums. It was a successful project, he got a 1st for it but I feel your jellyfish would be infinitely more satisfying. But I am definitely biased in favour of felt.

  2. wow, this is amazing!!! i love the colours too :)i'm with you … where is the time going? i can't believe it's august already! must be a sign that we're having fun since that makes time fly.

  3. I absolutely adore the colours in your felted jellyfish. It's a WOW!I know what you mean about July. It feels the same to me. Living by the sea means we are always popular in the summer months and I get a lot less done and a calling to go to the beach more or just be out in the sunshine …Have a great weekendCarolyn

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