New Oil Paintsticks

Yesterday I got several sets of oil paint sticks. I decided that the scarves we had dyed back in July still needed a bit more color. Here is the first one. I stenciled both ends the same. I think I may over dye these again after the paint sticks dry and I heat set them.

Here’s a photo showing both ends. Sorry about the quality of the photos. I need to get a better set up for taking photos. I’m planning on doing at least 2-3 more scarves this way. It was fun!

4 thoughts on “New Oil Paintsticks

  1. Oh Wow Ruth. I haven’t been able to catch up on blogs for a bit and have I missed out big time:)You have some fabulous work on here. Scarf is beautiful. Love your interpretation of the TIF challenge, a really neat idea.The transfer experiment looks very intriguing and the tree stump work really does look very exciting, can’t wait to see the end result.Lots of other really good work too, you have obviously been very busy.

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