Lists, Stumps and More

Here is my piece for the September TIF Challenge. The concept for this month is lists. I do use lists but it wasn’t an idea that really excited me much for making a piece. But I looked up the definition of lists and one of those definitions is selvage or selvedge. While I was researching this a bit, I found a website that was all about how to make quilts from selvages. So I followed the
basic directions from there to make this piece. It was originally going to be a scroll but I don’t really like it rolled up so it is going to be a small quiltie. These were all selvages from my scrap bin and I made the quilt double sided. The quilting of the piece was to further emphasize lines on a list.

Here’s the back view.

This is a close up of my piece about stumps that I am continuing to work on. It’s got a bit more to go and then I have ideas for several companion pieces. I need to have them done before January so I hope I’ll have time to get them done. I’ve got more company coming and I have to work next Friday – bah humbug.

This was an experiment in my journal. It is a method for copying transfers to paper using of all things citrus based paint remover. But it worked great. I copied the music on to the page first and then added the color afterward with leftover dye. I was thinking of adding a pear in the foreground but haven’t gotten to that yet.

Speaking of pears, here is a sketch that I made of some pears the other night.

7 thoughts on “Lists, Stumps and More

  1. clever interpretation of lists. i didnt realise people actually used selvedges. I did an experiment the other day using them and thought i was so unique. grin. great sketches. Your stumps look interesting – i like the lichen/moss.,

  2. Great challenge piece. It even looks like a list.. I am never clever enough to use things like the selvedge in my work. I have so enjoyed seeing what everyone else does with this challenge, especially the mixed media pieces or pieces that use something out of the norm (well out of my norm anyway). I will watch to see if you do something more with your pears.

  3. I like your lists piece too. Amazing what a list-like appearance it has. I hadn’t run across that particular definition of ‘list’ in my research (but then I didn’t go to the dictionary!).

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