TIF and Book Completed

I have finished my book (present for MIL). I have decided since I have run out of time to use the book for my June TIF challenge piece. It is made from my stash and as it is a book it is a story. The story includes my MIL’s past (what is) and positive affirmations for her future (what is possible) so it works.

I started with a white piece of felt that was felted with merino wool to cheesecloth (scrim). I then dyed it with yellow and blue acid dyes which I just squirted on.
Then I embellished with small bits of wool and cut out felt flowers with the needle felt machine. I then did the leaves and stems etc. with FME. It was quite bright compared to my pages so I felt I needed to tone it down and antique it a bit.
So I dyed the whole thing in tea. The flowers were a bit dim due to the tea.
So I added a bit of Dye-na-Flow paints to the flowers. I trimmed the edges and the whole cover piece measures 11″x18″. I added a lining and then satin stitched around the edges.
I added a “frog” type closure and here it is – the finished book, finally!
Here’s the front edge with it standing up.
And here is the first page.
Here is a view showing it open between the first and second signature. So now I need to send it off for her birthday. I think she’ll like it. It was an interesting process but took longer than planned. Isn’t that always the way??

15 thoughts on “TIF and Book Completed

  1. I’m sure she will love it, must admit I have the urge to make felt again-go out all my supplies yesterday ready for when I can take over the kitchen table,

  2. Your Book is absolutely wonderful Ruth, and I love the cover. I’m sure your MIL will be over the moon. The quotations you used are just lovely – where do you find them? Any tips would be gratefully received. Val

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