Too Busy to Blog???

It’s been a while but it’s not because I haven’t been working on anything. I have been slaving away on the book I’m making. And finally, I have completed all the pages. These are samples of the pages – I haven’t included photos of them all as there are a total of 48 and some have personal photos of my m-i-l’s and so I didn’t include all of them. This first page is a “double” page as it is in the middle of a signature. She grew up in California.

I like how this pear turned out. It is stenciled and then has details added with oil pastels. There’s a quote at the top by A. Lincoln about pear trees and patience.

Here’s another stenciled one.

Hmmm… I seem to like the stenciled ones best.

This is one of the signatures with eight pages total. I have three for the total

This one had a doodle that was supposed to be paisley but I hated it and so I just covered it with brown paint and used the stencil again.

Here’s another double spread and this doodle looked alright.

I like the pages with the gold pen as it looks good on the dark backgrounds.

Another stenciled page.

This one uses a cut out form of a bird that I drew and then spray painted with black paint. I am really happy that these pages are now complete. It was a bit of a strain towards the end trying to think of what to put on all the pages. There are lots of quotes and inspirational words. Now on to making the cover.

I did start something for June TIF but now I think I’m going to use that for the cover of the book. Perhaps the book could be for June TIF as most of it came from my stash and it does tell a story. That’s probably cheating but I think I may have to go that way as work is getting busy for the summer tourist season, I’m starting Sharon B’s class on studio journals next week and my sister and her family are coming to stay for a month. So I’ll be very busy. Excuses, excuses….

Yesterday, a friend and I went to a quilt show in Missoula which is a two hour drive away. It was fun and we went out for a nice lunch after the show. I was hoping that there would be more art quilts there as the quilt shows around here are very traditional. But I was a bit disappointed. Oh well, I spent most of the time looking at all the free motion quilting and getting ideas.

12 thoughts on “Too Busy to Blog???

  1. Hi Ruth, Thanks for the glimpse into your fiber book! I surely don’t think combining several ideals/goals into one is a cop out! Just the opposite, it shows dedication, thought and a process of formulating all together for an awesome “finale”. The quotes and personal meaning residing in these pages are phenom!

  2. Your book is beautiful – your MIL should love it. I love all the quotes – I think my favorite is “don’t despair because rose bushes have thorns – rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” – a great philosophy of life!

  3. That’s a lovely journal and I’m sure your MIL will love it too. There’s a lot of thought and love gone into making that. I would not call it cheating to use it for the June TIF.

  4. Ruth, your fabric book is looking great! I will be taking the class of Sharon’s with you, it will be a great class I believe. I can’t wait to get back home where I can get started on my fabric pages.

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