Besides circles, I have octagons for my class homework. The octagons are drawn on to graph paper first. Then the grid of octagons is to be used in a design.

This is the first ones I did. I was trying to use a “tetrad” color scheme of yellow, red orange, blue violet and blue green. I really didn’t care for the result. The octagons just seemed to be floating and the yellow was taking over the entire design.

So I removed the opposite page and used colored pencils to bring the blue green and blue violet out on to the background with cross hatching. I still don’t love it but I think it helped the design. Looking at it again, I might need to deepen the values on the cross hatching and add in more blue violet.

Next I enlarged the octagon patterns from small to large. I used acrylic paints and added a lot of glazing liquid to get transparency. There a many layers on this one.

The next step was to “distort” the octagons. So I scanned them into the computer and used Photoshop to distort the patterns. The one above was “twisted” and “pinched” in Photoshop and then I printed it out. I used the dark red cut out design on the gelatin plate to get a print. I liked the color on the paper so much I decided to glue it down as a design too.

Here’s the gelatin plate print. I added in some colored pencils to give the octagons more definition.

This is a another distorted octagon design that used “liquefy” in Photoshop. I drew it on to a magenta and violet background, used permanent black marker for the outlines and colored in with colored pencil. It was blah on the background so I decided to cut it out and put it on a different colored background. Here are the three choices, purple, yellow or turquoise? Which do you prefer?

It’s been fun playing with octagons. I don’t usually use such repetitive patterns in my work but I enjoyed it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Merry Christmas to Me!

I got a gift card from Dick Blick from my husband’s son and his family. I hadn’t decided what I wanted to get so I was savoring the anticipation of ordering. But I finally ordered my new goodies.

Goodies from Dick Blick

I got a couple of my favorite sketch books, a pencil case for my colored pencils (I already had the pencils), a set of High Flow Golden Acrylics and a couple of empty pens that you can put the acrylics in and then make marks.

Colored Pencil Case

I love the pencil case, it holds all 72 pencils easily. I had a tin for them but the pencils were always falling out and it was hard to travel with the pencils that way. So usually I just haven’t been taking them with me. Now they are all together and easy to get to without having all the other pencils roll around everywhere.

High Flow Acrylic Paints

And I’ve wanted to try the high flow acrylics for a while now. Of course, since I made two videos today for online classes, I didn’t get to try them yet. But soon. Thanks Chris, Andie, Ashley and Connor for the wonderful Christmas present!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!