Printed and Stitched Felt

I finally finished recording all the videos for my free motion stitching online class. Now comes the laborious process of editing. Made a couple more samples today.

Printed and Stitched Felt

I don’t remember if I have shown you this piece of felt before. It was screen printed several times. Today I added some basic free motion stitching around the leaves. It’s always easier when you have a pattern to follow.

Printed and Stitched Felt Close Up

The stitching does bring out the leaves a little bit more and looks better in person. These photos aren’t the best as it was a little late in the afternoon for any natural light. Not sure what I will do with this piece of felt. It might make a couple of drink sleeves if it is long enough. I’ll have to see.

Free Motion Stitching on Felt

I’m still busy working on my next online class, Free Motion Stitching on Felt. I’m getting closer and I’m fairly certain that I will be able to have a class start date in March.

Poppy Stitched on Felt

This is one of the samples that I stitched today. The background is deconstructed screen printing and then I stitched the poppy. It’s an examples of thread sketching. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I have a notion to add some color in the flower and stem with paint. Or should I just leave it? What do you think?

Free Motion Stitch Class

I started working on my next online class, Free Motion Stitching on Felt. I looked through what I had for samples and started making a few more.


This is a sample that I had stenciled first with thickened dye and then free motion stitched.

Distortion of Circles

You can see that I didn’t use a stabilizer on this to show how stitching can really distort felt. If you’re interested in taking the class, just let me know and I’ll add you to the email list to notify when the class is ready to go.