Second Layer of Lino Block Printing

I carved the rest of the four lino blocks I was working on. These are for the second layer of printing.

I started with printing this one. I should have printed each block with white and then moved on to other colors but I didn’t do that. I like the white over the darker ink colors.

Then I moved on to this block. Once I put in the red to make orange with the ink, that was about all I could do without cleaning everything off.

Here’s the third design, as you can see the orange was about it. I made it darker and lighter but it didn’t change the end result much.

This is the last design based on rings in tree stumps. The bottom left one is printed over a piece of watercolor paper that has a light wash. I wanted to see how that would look as a background. The rest of the paper I used is printmaking paper. It is much smoother than the watercolor paper and gives a better print.

Now I need to do some more carving for the next layer of printing. I will probably print these in black over top what is already printed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

More Collage

I’m still working on collages, prints, stencils and combining all of them together.

Here’s one that I did today. I am calling it Falling Squares.

Here’s the last leaf. It’s created from all stamped papers.

This one is Tree Mosaic.

You might remember that I made this design for one of our Felting and Fiber Studio challenges based on the Japanese Edo period.

And this is a print embellished with markers. I have to start working on how these will be presented in a notebook. I need to get some sketchbook pages painted to go with these.

Adding to Prints

I had a mammoth printing session today but didn’t get any photos yet. It’s too dark now so I’ll show you what I have done with a few of the prints I made in class.

This one combines several different prints together.

All of the trees and branches in this piece are supposed to be gold. But of course the golds don’t match as well as I would like. I may have to add something else to this, not sure yet.

This is my favorite one so far. I like the change in the background color and the whites match! Hope you have a good weekend.