Fused Paper/Fabric

My art group got together last week and made fused paper/fabric. This is a different technique than the paper fabric lamination that I do. This one involves using fusible and ironing the paper and the fabric together. We also added Pearl Ex Powders to get a little bling and glam.

Here’s Deb working on her creations. Somehow, I didn’t get any photos of her finished pieces. Sorry Deb!

Here’s Louise and Sally working away.

These two are Louise’s creations.

These are Sally’s creations. Doesn’t that middle one look like a birthday party?

Here are mine. I was planning on using these for some of my collages for class homework so I made some “matching” pieces that go together.

But when I started making collages, I didn’t end up using the pieces I thought would go together. Here’s one that hasn’t been glued together yet.

Here’s another collage I did. The background is stamped and painted fusible adhered to black paper. I cut the leaves from my other piece of fused paper/fabric.

Thanks once again for stopping by, leaving comments and cheering me on in my fiber art pursuits. I appreciate everyone’s compliments and suggestions. I hope you and yours have the best of holidays and a creative New Year.


Making Paper

 Our local fiber art group met today and we made hand made paper. I’ve never made paper before because the preparation always seems too overwhelming. But Carole really made it simple. She had all the screens ready and showed us a simple way to make small sheets of paper.

 I have tons of dyed paper towels that I have been saving so I tore some green, yellow and blue ones up and soaked them in warm water. Then whirred them up in a blender and poured the pulp in a tub with extra water. I got so involved that I forgot to take any more photos. But you take the screen and scoop up paper pulp and then squeeze out the excess water.

Here are some of our finished sheets of paper. The bright colored pieces are felt that we used for soaking up excess water. My pieces are the two bright green pieces towards the bottom. It was lots of fun and now I have to see what the paper looks like when dry. Next time we are going to learn some bookbinding techniques so I think I’ll save my paper for that.